Corporate Actions

Subject Notice Addendum
Various Changes – Change of Investment Principles of the Sub-Funds; Change of Name, Fees, Investment Objective and Principles of Greater China Dynamic; Addition of a Sub-Investment Manager for Global Bond; and other amendments 10/02/17 15/03/17
Withdrawal of authorization of Allianz Global EcoTrends 03/02/17
Annual report 27/01/17 N/A
Annual General Meeting 28/12/16 N/A
Various Changes – Addition of New Sub-Fund, Global Bond; Amendments on Risk Considerations, US Tax Withholding and Reporting under FATCA, and Fees and Charges 25/11/16
Changes on Allianz GEM Equity High Dividend 01/09/16 03/10/16
New Sub-fund – High Dividend Asia Pacific Equity 07/06/16
Various Changes – Implementation of UCITS V Directive, BRIC Equity, Enhanced Short Term Euro, Europe Equity Growth Select, European Equity Dividend, Income and Growth, US High Yield & US Short Duration High Income Bond 03/06/16 15/07/16
Unaudited Semi-annual Report 31/05/16 N/A
New Sub-fund – Europe Income and Growth 29/04/16


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